name: Ryan
email: fryhayes@yahoo.com
hometown: San Francisco, CA
sex+age: M29 (doh!)
1st show: Riverport
most memorable shows: If you remember a show, you weren't there. Just kidding...My 3 Las Vegas shows without a doubt.
favorite venue: Thomas-Mack
favorite motel/campground: On Your Floor or In Your Bed, Anywhere U.S.A.
furthest show: How far away is LV from SF?
favorite roadside restaurant: I don't eat food.
favorite tune right now: Gotta Jibbo
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Actor and Corportate Tool
pastimes: Acting, biking, talking, dancing, reading, drugging, making loving, and pretty horses (not in order)
other favorite bands: GratefulDead, TalkingHeads, Beck, Phish, DeepHouse and Trance, IndigoGirls, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, RadioHead, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Madonna(lately), Miles Davis, Gillian Welch, James Brown...
favorite websites: www.friendster.com, www.salon.com, www.brianrobert.com
favorite something: Walt Whitman, waiting for the right moment, Radical Faeries, Traveling, living in my own little phantasy
more: Once upon a time, Brianrobert.com didn't exist and I didn't have some of the friends I have now.
Once, I was living in the Land of Lizards and the lizards they have died.
Thank you Rob and Danny!
Thank you Phish!
Thank you India! (never been)
Let's keep having phun...