name: Sean
email: sean@seanmkelley.com
hometown: San Francisco, CA
homepage: www.seanmkelley.com
sex+age: M24
1st show: Worcester Nov 29 1998
most memorable shows: MPP-Deer Creek - Columbus Run 2000
favorite venue: Deer Creek
favorite motel/campground: The Farm with the pigs at Deer Creek
furthest show: Flew From Florida to Chicago then to Boston for the 2000 Run
favorite roadside restaurant: Waffle House is the default tour restaurant
favorite tune right now: Divided Sky
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Computer Consultant
pastimes: Drums, Photography, Skiing, Life...
other favorite bands: Phish, Led Zep, Dead
favorite cartoon: Simpsons, Gummy Bears (is it still on?)
favorite websites: www.google.com
favorite simpson's character: Maggie, Ralph, Lisa
more: Cool Site, many times I have wondered how many of 'us' were part of the phamily. Would love to have a get together in the Boston area at a bar / local show / club, whatever suits your fancy.