Here are a few comments about BrianRobert.com

Name: SamB06/15/2000
Website: Silver Wrapper Productions
As the music we love incorporates all levels, it is key for us, the community members, to do the same. This site is bold as love! I have a lot of respect for you guys and I am sure your efforts will yield epic results.

Name: Jeff Creighton06/21/2000
Absolutely beautiful website. I'm a graphic/web designer by profession as well as a phan (hetero but not homophobic by any means). The site is a great service and painfully beautiful.

Name: Galaxy Girl06/21/2000
Website: Global Appreciation
Hey Guys, this is very cool! I was wondering when this type of community would begin, and I'm glad to have found it. I think the site looks great! Can't wait to meet you all at the shows! Love & Energy to All of You!

Name: Moon Bear06/22/2000
I found this site through Phunky Bitches. And I'm glad glad glad that there's actually a little community within a community for g/l/b/t phans. I look forward to what this site develops into. :) Mad Love, Moon Bear

Name: Scotty06/23/2000
Love your site! I hope people click on enough of the links to catch on to your color scheme. :) Nice! I'm sending out the URL here to a bunch of G/L/B kids in Rochester NY. I'm sure there's a number of "closet" phans who'd be interested in your site!

Name: laura07/01/2000
Website: whatever you want it to be
i just had to compliment the designer of this site--it is stunning!! if i didn't just give ya my web addy i might just steal this design i love it that much.fantastic job and good luck with the site!

Name: wedge07/07/2000
I think what you guys are doing is really rad. The community atmosphere of Phish is what the band is all about. You guys are taking it to a smaller and perhaps more personal level and that is just great. Keep up the good work.

Name: chewbahkah!08/25/2000
Website: Ask Jerri
Hey, I just wanted to drop a little line to say that I think your site is phantastic! I drop in every chance I get. Well, I gotta get back to my homework now. Take care, Boyz!...

Name: missy08/28/2000
Website: my tapelist
wow! you can't even imagine how happy i was to come across this site. thank you so much for this! after just completing summer tour and seeing only 1 lesbian couple at any show ever, i see the need for this. i hope i can meet other queer phans in the future. i am so excited about this site and its possibilities. (and not to be redundant, but graphically, it does look really great)

Name: Jhi-Jhi10/02/2000
really nice site, glad to have found it. you guys are doing somthing good to help our community. thankx

Name: jen10/11/2000
Hey...heard about your site through bitches.just wanted to say great job and glad to hear that all phans can fing their place in the scene

Name: bobby12/30/2000
the moment ends.........'

Name: joe rivera02/16/2001
i new i'd get to signing this one day. thanks again for this great meeting place. you guys are the best.

Name: kevin04/25/2001
This is an amazing site. I just found out about it last week and I'm still in shock that it exists. At gay clubs and bars, I just don't feel like I'm in my element at all. This site, however, has restored my faith. It's ingenius. Thanx to the two people who started it (who's names I forgot...oops) It's nice to know that I have my own small community within the community!!!

Name: darren05/15/2001
My identity as a phishhead and my identity as a gay man grew at the same time and caused me much internal conflict. I loved the scene and the freedom yet was so silenced at the same time. This is really empowering to know that we can create our own niche within the scene and be proud of who we are. I live in Chicago, and its so hard to balance the urban gay life with the hippie touring life... they are always completely and totally separate. The phish bars are straight... the gay bars are, well... you all know. This is such a great website the beginning of so much more to come I hope! Count me in for the ride! -darren

Name: Justin07/26/2001
Just found this site... It's awesome. Can't wait to meet some of you guys.

Name: Ken09/19/2001
Do you guys have stickers? You guys should do stickers.

Name: Joe05/25/2002
Glad you guys are back. I was getting worried. Your website makes me feel sexy.

Name: jade07/12/2002
Wow...I think I'm the first listing from Nebraska. Bonnaroo was great, boyfriend and I loved it, wanted to meet other queer phans. Site design kicks ass. Phish, come back soon. I love you Trey.

Name: Mike KZ02/27/2003
Great site. I am a recent Phish convert and was really psyched to find such a great resource for Phamily members. I attended my first show 2/25/03 and was just so blown away by the entire experience. Had to wait in the cold for aour friend to show up with the tix but it was worth it, the vibe was great a the boys just way too cute! The show was wonderful and the atmosphere was excellent. What a beautiful group of people Phans are. I can't wait for my next show! Thanks to any of you who were there for a great night.

Name: Josh Gertz05/30/2003
I love your site! instant message me at bzkuzbek!

Name: Rob01/27/2004
I always thought the song was a tribute song about Brian Wilson. Still trying to piece the Robert to it....was he the producer/writer with Brian.

Name: Michael Ksenyak04/03/2004
I just learned about this site after being a part of the Phish scene for many years. And it's funny. I've always said, "I know I'm not the only one," but I never knew what to do about it. Good job to however took the time to create this and finally do something.

Name: Damita Jo07/15/2004
I feel beautiful when I come here.