name: Paul
email: twirlandbounce@aol.com
hometown: San Francisco, CA
sex+age: M30
1st show: 11-1-91 Denver
most memorable shows: Laguna Seca 94, Portland 12-30-93, Matthews Arena 12-31-92,Red Rocks 8-20-93,3-9-93 Colorado Springs
favorite venue: Red Rocks
favorite motel/campground: on the beach
furthest show: S.F. to Everglades
favorite roadside restaurant: any local diner
favorite tune right now: Slave, Ghost and Simple
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: teacher
pastimes: travelling, touring, hiking in nature and urban areas, coffeeshops, burritos, and THE END UP!!!!
other favorite bands: The Grateful Dead, Ween, Rusted Root and House Music (Miguel Migs and Mark Farina)
favorite cartoon: Ren and Stimpy
favorite websites: Phish related
favorite something: Spontaneous moments of bliss and delightful new discoveries recharge my soul.
favorite simpson's character: Bart, he reminds me of my students.
more: I am thrilled with this resource. On numerous occasions during set breaks, my friends and I found ourselves staring at the mix of people and unable to pick out any homosexuals. We debated about %s, keeping in mind that people were still in the closet, bisexual or curiously horny. We devised wonderfully ridiculous plans to help us locate these fellow companions and solve the mystery. We had a lot of fun but no success. Finally, we have found a path that crosses these two underground worlds!!!!