name: Matt, Matty, Wills
email: mattphan1977@yahoo.com
hometown: Minneapolis, MN
sex+age: M27
1st show: Fox Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri November 23?, 1994
most memorable shows: too many too name.
favorite venue: Red Rocks, Deer Creek, Alpine Valley
favorite motel/campground: Close By Campground
furthest show: From Minnesota to Florida for Big Cypress.
favorite roadside restaurant: Cracker Barrel
favorite tune right now: New: Seven Below Old: Fluffhead
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? No
occupation/preoccuption: server
pastimes: playing guitar, piano, sports
other favorite bands: Way too many to name
favorite cartoon: Simpsons, Southpark, Aqua teen hunger force
favorite simpson's character: Homer, groundskeeper Willie
more: Hi my name is Matt. Figured I'd see what this was all about. Might be nice to meet some people like me at the last shows, hope it works. I'm 27, and I know my way around a phish show, lot, whatever. It'd be nice to meet some guys like me at a show. I will be getting to Coventry on Thurs. August 12th, In a rental from New Hampshire. Otherwise I live in Minneapolis/St.Paul. Feel free to email me, I'd like to maybe get to know some of you before Coventry if possible. My email is mattphan1977@yahoo.com.