name: dirtgirl
email: dirtgirl@phunkybitches.com
hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
sex+age: F23
1st show: 7/31/97
most memorable shows: 7/31/97, 10/30/98
favorite venue: Shoreline Amphitheatre
furthest show: a couple of thousand miles for Deer Creek in a few weeks!
favorite tune right now: Manteca...Boogie on Reggae Woman
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Library Assistant
pastimes: Organic Gardening, Hiking, Cheesing it up!
other favorite bands: Phish, SCI, The Dead, Keller Williams, The Slip, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin
favorite websites: www.phunky.com, www.gadiel.com
favorite something: Travelling....if I could only get paid to travel the world!
favorite simpson's character: Lisa
more: I'm a non-practicing bisexual woman. What I mean is, I'm married and have never had a relationship with a woman (that wasn't just friendship). I'm a complete supporter of our community and I believe firmly on stopping the prejudice that plagues our society. Keep it real folks!