name: Brian
email: bot7625@aol.com
hometown: Portland, ME
sex+age: M26
1st show: 2/?/93 Poughkeepsie, NY
most memorable shows: Clifford Ball, Boise 99, Vegas!
favorite venue: Gorge
favorite motel/campground: Gorge
furthest show: AZ to great went, ME
favorite roadside restaurant: Wafflehouse is just to good
favorite tune right now: Pebbles and Marbles, Ghost, Reba
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Restaurant manager
pastimes: Hiking, travelling, the beach
other favorite bands: moe, everything but the girl, SCI, madonna, and yes, justin timberlake, I just like him OK!!
favorite cartoon: South park, Simpsons
favorite websites: www.cameltoe.org, too funny......
favorite something: laying in the sun
favorite simpson's character: Homer, Chief Wiggum
more: Hey Guys! I am really glad this site exists! It's about time!! I am living in Portland, Maine, but travel alot to NY, Boston, San Fran (soon again I hope!) and other places. I'm looking for other cool dudes to chill with. See you all hopefully soon!