name: James
email: iriejames20@aol.com
hometown: Allston, MA
sex+age: M21
1st show: So long ago, I don't even remember
most memorable shows: Portland, ME 99--my first show with my man
favorite venue: Big Cypress
favorite motel/campground: Limestone, ME
furthest show: Big Cypress
favorite roadside restaurant: NOT Waffle House
favorite tune right now: Heavy Things
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Travel sales
pastimes: art, music, animals
other favorite bands: Phish, Beatles, GD, Marley, Toots, Tosh
favorite cartoon: Definately the Simpsons
favorite websites: This one!!
favorite something: My dog Yukon.
favorite simpson's character: Homer--without a doubt!
more: I'm so glad that something like this is finally getting started! I'm tired of going to shows and feeling like "the only one". I never used to be out at shows, and it made me feel really uncomfortable.I realized that I had to be out at shows to let other phans know that it's okay, encouraging them to be who they are and true to themselves. My dream is that someday, the fact that I'm gay will not matter, but what will matter is that we all have fun and dance in the sun together. I hope to meet some of you on tour sometime to dance in the sun! BE PROUD!!