name: Brian
email: maineotter@yahoo.com
hometown: Portland, ME
sex+age: M40
1st show: Great Went
most memorable shows: second Portland show '99
favorite venue: anything outdoors
furthest show: Limestone--that's far even in maine
favorite roadside restaurant: A1 Diner--Gardiner, Maine
favorite tune right now: Loving Cup
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: trying to clone myself so that he can work and I can play
pastimes: throwing pagers (beepers) into bodies of water
other favorite bands: DMB, beck, .moe
favorite something: favorite way to eat oreos--->take apart the cookie and slurp down the lard-laden middle, then chomp on the cookie...what's yours??
favorite simpson's character: Homer-Doh!
more: Ok, ok---I'm not-your-average Phish phan...maybe I am and I am deluding myself..anyway, this down-to-earth, Mainer feels waaaaaaaaaaaay different than your typical gay guy when it comes to music--what's this "house" music, and what the hell is that crap they play in bars/discos...I hate that silence, blank stare, and then disdain when I mention to gay folk that I like Phish..you know what I mean???