name: Ryan
email: ryeguy79@hotmail.com
hometown: Torrance, CA
sex+age: M21
1st show: deer creek '98
most memorable shows: nye 2000 deer creek '99 when they opened with MEAT, i love meat
favorite venue: deer creek is great, so much room to dance
favorite motel/campground: pine springs i think
furthest show: to florida for new years 2000
favorite roadside restaurant: cracker barrel
favorite tune right now: possum, cuz we almost hit a possum the other night when i was listening to it, no shitt
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: student/waiter/dancer
pastimes: ballet for 8 years and tap, into jazzy musicals and modern dance
other favorite bands: phish, SCI, leftover, madonna (of course) and the grateful dead, oh and dark star orchestra
favorite cartoon: SIMPSONS (DUH)
favorite websites: ones with cute boys naked and jambase and hob.com
favorite something: i love seafood, i see food I eat it
favorite simpson's character: lisa
more: hey is anyone going to phil and freinds for nye or string cheese? I'd love to meet some cool cali kids that are going, and maybe meet a cute boy too. :) okso email me someone, i don't know any gay guys who like the same musica.......