name: Lauren
email: mountaingirl3@aol.com
hometown: Lexington, KY
homepage: www.hometown.aol.com/mountaingirl3/index.html
sex+age: F17
1st show: havent had my chance to go yet... =(
most memorable shows: well...7-25-92 with ani difranco is really awesome...
favorite venue: deer creek
favorite motel/campground: deer creek area
furthest show: doesnt apply to me...
favorite roadside restaurant: gotta love waffle house, and they are everywhere...
favorite tune right now: sample in a jar
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: student
pastimes: skiing, backpacking, climbing, kayaking...
other favorite bands: phish, ani difranco, indigo girls, neil young, CSN&Y, the dead...
favorite cartoon: simpsons...
favorite websites: phunkybitches.com
favorite something: i love fairies and rainbows...can you tell why i am here?
favorite simpson's character: otto and apu
more: okay, i am not gay, not lesbian, i just dont really think gender is something that matters, just like race or handicaps, you know? there is no need for dicrimination. i am all about gay rights, and am all for nader/laduke. i dont really want marijuana to be legalized, i just want the laws to be poorly enforced. i dont want to pay enormous taxes on buds like i have to do with cigarettes. nonono....never. um...i have been with kristofur since febuary 2000, and i am not looking for a relationship or anything, but i wouldnt mind having friends....whoever you are. my boyfriend is my life, as we are basically one soul in two bodies...he is awesome, and is the best boyfriend ever. he treats me like a goddess, and he is absolutely wonderful... yall have a wonderful day...