name: Kevin
email: kadams5@san.rr.com
hometown: San Diego, CA
sex+age: M36
1st show: Coach House 8/17/92
most memorable shows: Aladdin-Vega$, Big Cypress, Greek-93, Spreckels-94, RedRocks-95-96;
favorite venue: Red Rocks; Any in San Diego!
favorite motel/campground: Hard Roack Hotel-La$ Vega$
furthest show: 3000 miles for Big Cypress
favorite roadside restaurant: In-N-Out bURGEr
favorite tune right now: Possum
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Currently, healing a broken hip
pastimes: music, cars & guys
other favorite bands: Grateful Dead, Tangerine Dream, PSB, Pink Floyd, U2, Level 42, Roxy Music, JGB, Bruce Hornsby.......too many others to list
favorite cartoon: South Park, Futurama
favorite websites: gay.com
favorite something: Toyota, Apple, Specialized & Maytag
favorite simpson's character: mmmmm, donuts
more: Hi guys, although I'm not a taper, I do love trading music, mostly dead & phish. If anyone has some good U2 soundboards, I would love to get a copy. I've got lots of free time currently with this broken hip recovery going on. I would love to meet up with other phans in the San DIego area. I'm looking forward to seeing The Other Ones for New Year's. Hopefully I can dance by then.   ;-)