name: Katie
email: kereneta@cox.net
hometown: San Diego, CA
homepage: http://profiles.yahoo.com/k8_td
age: Forever 29
1st show: wow...Was it Huntington Beach, Joey, in 1995/6?
most memorable shows: Vegas 2003
favorite motel/campground: Vegas 2003 - MGM Suite
furthest show: Vegas
occupation/preoccuption: Mother of 2 boys & loving , but preoccupied with accounting when necessary :)
pastimes: Spending every chance I can get with the boys in my life, incl. Joey, my sister and friends. Esterobeach.com, Ocean Beach Volleyball, Cards in Yahoo: Pyramids: Room: Sai
other favorite bands: U2, Sarah McLachlan, Erykah Badu
favorite cartoon: Simpsons, Old School: Gem
favorite something: Muffin Man's Baked Goods, Baja's Scrambled Eggs Delight
favorite simpson's character: Homie
more: It was great meeting all of you in Vegas 2003! I was the one there with my hubby...the only straight couple in the bar! :) Joey is my brother!

Have a wonderful & safe 2004!

xo, Katie