name: Jer
email: jmarc1969@aol.com
hometown: Alexandria, VA
sex+age: M33
1st show: West Palm Beach '96
most memorable shows: ^-Only been to one-^
favorite venue: SPAC
favorite motel/campground: Ritz-Carleton (of course)
furthest show: DC to Wisconsin
favorite roadside restaurant: I likes me some Crackerbarrel
favorite tune right now: Tweezer & Slave
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? No
occupation/preoccuption: State Government
pastimes: Cooking / Traveling / Music & 4:20
other favorite bands: Dead / ABB / Neil Young / Willie Nelson / Charlie Pride / Patsy Cline / BMW
favorite cartoon: Ren & Stimpy
favorite websites: gdlive / jerrysite
favorite something: Mutual masturbation between friends
favorite simpson's character: Um..............Um.............Um..........
more: I'm not a Phish phanatic but do like their music. More of a deadhead since my first show was in 1984 (Syracuse, NY) and hooked ever since. Any other cool queers in the NoVA, DC, MD area? Drop me a line.