name: Becca
email: rkw777@aol.com
hometown: Arlington, VA
homepage: none but i'm working on one for work: ncap.com
sex+age: F25
1st show: tampa - 95
most memorable shows: worchester (they play fluff) ph2k
favorite venue: outside baby
favorite motel/campground: cypress/hampton la quinta
furthest show: from dc to florida/ and from fl to hampton through minneapolis.... long story:)
favorite roadside restaurant: dairy queen
favorite tune right now: fluff/pyite/inlaw josie/first tube
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: pro-choice group/borders books
pastimes: music; guitar; reading; dancing; bowls; writing
other favorite bands: galatic; beatles; anything with the funk; i love all music i tell ya
favorite cartoon: why, the simpsons of course!
favorite websites: phunkybitches:)
favorite something: i love people! and good veggie food
favorite simpson's character: ha! i'm a homer fan but if lisa was older......
more: i'm going on tour with a straight phriend but would love to find some of you cuties out there - and if there is anyone around in dc/nova please write!!

i love that this site is there - i love hippie women and haven't found any girlies like myself in some time. i am so excited that someone is doing this. thanks all. peace to everyone and may sparkles find you!