name: Brian
email: brian.banks@delmar.com
hometown: Albany, NY
sex+age: M25
1st show: Albany 96
most memorable shows: Hartford-98? (obviously my memory isn't that good!)
favorite venue: Nassau
favorite motel/campground: Mt. Diablo St. Park (CA)
furthest show: Albany-Nassau
favorite roadside restaurant: Burger World (western ny)
favorite tune right now: The Name is Slick
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: publishing
pastimes: soccer; reading/writing
other favorite bands: wild herbs; schleigho; van morrison; gd
favorite cartoon: the one with the little dog juming around the big dog yelling 'come on spike'
favorite websites: anything I can look at to avoid work
favorite something: my new apt; with porch!
favorite simpson's character: gasp; don't like the simpsons
more: Threw in gay + phish kinda as a joke on a search engine and look where it got me. I've seen this comment on this site a couple times but it's so true; I knew there had to be other 'phags' out there so it is good to be right about that one. My bro. is actually also a phag and on this site-hey josh, but it would be cool to meet others out there...when's the next tour!?