name: Schlammy
email: greenboi@msn.com
hometown: Martha's Vineyard, MA
1st show: Great Woods, 1993
most memorable shows: Went, Clifford, Lemonwheel
favorite venue: The Gorge
favorite motel/campground: Aroostok State Park, Maine
furthest show: 12 and half hours
favorite roadside restaurant: the diner in Limestone
favorite tune right now: Mexican Cousin
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Artist, Musician
pastimes: Drumming, Oil Paintings
other favorite bands: MMW, Moe, Dispatch, Mraz
favorite cartoon: Family Guy, Spirited Away
favorite websites: furthur.net, nugs.net
favorite something: Gooballs in the mist-tent
favorite simpson's character: Lisa Simpson
more: Hey, Trey and the fey is the way! Have had some wonderful connections with other phans. Love the feeling of shared intimacy during a drum circle, the acceptance of the body, mind and spirit, Fishman's Cheerio Dress, the awesome mist-tent massages, and flying a rainbow flag at section 4C of the Went. Look me up if you are down with chilling.