name: Ryan
email: whateverab@aol.com
hometown: Milwaukee, WI
sex+age: M22
1st show: Alpine 97
most memorable shows: NYE99, Radio City night 2, Deer Creek 2nd night 00
favorite venue: Molson Ampitheatre (Torono)
favorite motel/campground: Dead Creek (in Noblesville, IN)
furthest show: NYE99
favorite roadside restaurant: McDolalds
favorite tune right now: PYITE, YEM, SOAM
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Student/Marketing
pastimes: Singing, Playing Guitar, Smiling, Talking over herb
other favorite bands: Phish, DMB, Bela Fleck, SCI, Joni Mitchell, CSNY
favorite cartoon: Simpsons, Family Guy, The Jetsons
favorite websites: www.phans.com, nancies.org, jonimitchell.com
favorite something: My favorite dog is either a Siberian Husky or a Golden Retriever. My favorite CD right now is Joni Mitchell's Miles of Aisles
favorite simpson's character: Homer
more: Hey guys. I'm 22 and lonely has hell in Milwaukee. This summer was my first real summer touring Phish. I have done DMB the past 3 years. Phish was amazing, I can't wait till they're off their break...I'm ready to hit the road again! :) Anyway, i'm pretty normal and not gay acting or into the gay scene. IF there are any other heads in Milwaukee, PLEASE e-mail me. If you're cute DEFINATELY e-mail me...I'm looking for all sorts of things guys...help me out. Later.