name: Ryan
email: fonksoulebrotha@aol.com
hometown: Wilmington, NC
sex+age: M18
1st show: raleigh, nc..(6-25-00)
most memorable shows: only been to one unfortunately.
favorite venue: alltel pavillion
favorite motel/campground: comfort inn
favorite tune right now: water in the sky
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: grounds work in a beachfront hotel
pastimes: phish..reading..working..the beach..
other favorite bands: phish..grateful dead..jefferson airplane..rolling stones..crystal method..daft punk..the beatles..pink floyd..the doors
favorite cartoon: tom and jerry..thornberrys!..
favorite websites: www.furnitureporn.com
favorite something: ice cream-->phish food
favorite simpson's character: barney
more: when i was at the show, i was feelin the music, feelin the scene, but i also couldnt help but notice that i felt out of place..like i was the only gay phish head in the sea of trippin hippies..like i was alone. it didnt stop me from having a kick ass time, but it did make me wonder if any of the guys who were gyrating around me were in fact gay like me.this site has opened my eyes to a world which was before unseen..