name: Rich
email: richdef@yahoo.com
hometown: Providence, RI
sex+age: M35
1st show: The Sting, New Britain, CT 5/21/91
most memorable shows: The Sting, New Britain, CT
favorite venue: Limestone
favorite motel/campground: Places hidden away from pretty much any kind of civilization
furthest show: Limestone
favorite roadside restaurant: Louis Lunch, New Haven, CT
favorite tune right now: The Famous Mockingbird
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Arts Management
pastimes: movies, chillin', my friends
other favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails, Love & Rockets, White Stripes
favorite cartoon: The Simpsons
favorite websites: Smoking Gun
favorite something: Comic Books, Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi Channel - yes, I'm a geek
favorite simpson's character: Homer Jay Simpson
more: I've only been to a couple of shows over the years (sometimes Im little more Goth than hippie), but I love the vibe and the people. I'm also thinkin that this would be a cool way to meet-up with people with similar interests and outlook on life. Anyway if you're out & about in New England, give me a shout