name: Rebecca
email: xxbeckaxx@aol.com
hometown: Cincinnati, OH
sex+age: F18
1st show: never been!
favorite tune right now: farmhouse, waste, divided sky, or bouncing round the room
occupation/preoccuption: full-time student: fine arts major at DAAP
pastimes: ART, MUSIC, anything creative, reading, writing, anime, astrology, spirituality, philosophy, interesting conversation, hugs & kisses, nature, people, sushi, chocolate milk, friends, animals, cats, corvettes & vipers & eclipses, soccer, calvin & hobbes, francesca lia block, discovery channel, cartoon network
other favorite bands: beatles, red hot chili peppers, tori amos, ani, phish, grateful dead, taking back sunday, saves the day, get up kids, hanson, bob marley, coheed and cambria, cat power, portishead, radiohead, doors, flaming lips, black crowes, pearl jam, gorillaz, any kind of classical (especially vivaldi) and most techno (especially drum n bass).
favorite cartoon: cowboy bebop, aeon flux, daria, sealab 2021, aqua teen hunger force, the brak show, space ghost, home movies, simpsons, powerpuff girls, dexter's laboratory, etc. etc. etc. and anything anime
favorite websites: homestarrunner.com, friendster.com
favorite something: hottest anime guy: spike spiegel of cowboy bebop
favorite simpson's character: ralph
more: i want somebody take me to a phish show ;) i was soo close to going and i couldn't find a ticket! dammit