name: Mike
email: solea@zoominternet.net
hometown: Medina, OH
sex+age: M36
1st show: NYE2000
most memorable shows: NYE2000
favorite venue: Alpine VAlley
favorite motel/campground: Any state park
furthest show: From Cleveland to West Palm Beach
favorite roadside restaurant: any local Diner
favorite tune right now: slave to the traffic light
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: chef
pastimes: going to shows
other favorite bands: Grafeful Dead,Widespread Panic,String Cheese Incident,The Other Ones,Ekoostic Hookah,Buddy Guy,BB King,Donna the Buffalo,Johnny Cash,Allman Brothers,Willy Nelson,AC/DC,Ted Nugent,Santana,Rolling Stones,Pink Floyd.and many others.
favorite cartoon: SouthPark,Looney Tunes,Rocky&Bullwinkle
favorite websites: Acidtrip.com, Cruisingforsex.com, Squirt.org, Momadance.com, Sugarmegs.org
favorite something: the kind
favorite simpson's character: patty&selma
more: I think I finally found the phrends i've been looking for.Any of you want to chat please feel free to drop me a line,would like to hear from all of you.Hope to meet you all at future shows.Can't wait for Hampton.Won't be makin it to any of the Feb.shows but most difinatly we see the summer run.Love those outdoor shows.If any of you are in my area for a show please drop me a line so we can meet.Best kept secret for a place to go for small shows in North East Ohio,Nelson Ledges Quarry Park,check out there website NLQP.com