name: Keke
email: raquel311@hotmail.com
hometown: Burlington, VT
sex+age: F19
1st show: 12.31.02
most memorable shows: new years 02
favorite venue: so far? i guess msg
favorite motel/campground: will know this summer
furthest show: new york city
favorite roadside restaurant: not sure
favorite tune right now: 8.17.97 bathtub
trade tapes? yes
know other gay phans? yes
out to friends at shows? yes
occupation/preoccuption: student, writer
pastimes: writing, reading, daydreaming, all things phish, touring :)
other favorite bands: phish, the disco biscuits, grateful dead, fiona apple, JAZZ (esp john coltrane)
favorite cartoon: the simpsons, the family guy
favorite websites: gadiels site
favorite something: daydreaming!!! being fancyfree
favorite simpson's character: krusty, comicbookstoreguy, maggie
more: i just came across this site through gadiels page and im so excited this is here and wish i would have known about it earlier!!! :) i consider myself pomosexual and dig the ladies more than the guys, but i cant deny my rather large crush on trey. hehee. i wanna meet more people who are into phish! despite the fact that im in vermont, i havent met too many people to tour with other than one person, who is leaving for europe for the next couple years. blah. i lovelovelove to talk phish and about really anything um im rambling now