name: Jules
email: phshphn77@sbcglobal.net
hometown: San Francisco, CA
sex+age: F25
1st show: Deercreek 1996
most memorable shows: Deercreek 96, Nuttercenter 97, Alpine Valley 2000 and 7-13-03
favorite venue: Alpine Valley and The Gorge
favorite motel/campground: Deercreek onsite camping
furthest show: From Starlake to Alpine Valley to Deercreek
favorite roadside restaurant: Wafflehouse
favorite tune right now: strange design
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Social Work
pastimes: listening to music, enjoying nature, hanging out with my lady, writing poetry, loving life and bein me!
other favorite bands: phish, dylan, spearhead, ymsb, the dead, the beatles, paul simon, neil young, ani difranco, vida blue and the list goes on!!!
favorite cartoon: ren and stimpy, the smurfs, looney tunes and animaniacs
favorite something: our five cats and our dog casey!
favorite simpson's character: grandpa/marge
more: Love and peace to all the phreaky phish phans out there...keep it real, keep it safe and keep the beat alive!! "All the phreaky people make the beauty of the world" -Michael Franti/Spearhead