name: John
email: jenglish76@yahoo.com
hometown: Boston, MA
sex+age: M27
1st show: 4-30-93 University of Hartford, CT
most memorable shows: The Went, Sugarbush 7/3/95, NewYears 95' -MSG
favorite venue: Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
favorite motel/campground: Loring Airforce Base, ME
furthest show: Limestone, ME
favorite roadside restaurant: Little upstate NY truck stop on way back from Oswego; great truckerís breakfast
favorite tune right now: Slave to the Traffic Light, Divided, Carini
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Advertizing Sales/Snowboarding
pastimes: Outdoorsy stuff, music, my mate
other favorite bands: Radiohead, Stringcheese, Interpol, Phish, Weather Report (right now at least)
favorite cartoon: Space ghost, the Gummy Bears, Smurfs
favorite something: bread and butter pickles
favorite simpson's character: Marge
more: I think that this site is a fantastic idea. When I was first coming to terms with my sexuality a few years back, I struggled with how to fit in (in a number of area's of my former "straight life", including my fraternity and the whole Phish scene)!! Having been part of the scene since me early highschool years, it was a very important aspect of my life. But as I started to establish my "new" identity, I began to pull away from the jamband scene a little bit. Most of it was in my own head; it certainly wasn't the bands or the fans that were directly pushing me away. Only recently have I begun to feel truly comfortable again in the scene for a number of reasons, and its sites like this one that can make all the difference. Props to the dudes that put this thing together....And by the way, I think little Jimmy's gay!!