name: John
email: CosmicCharlie@nycmail.com
hometown: New York, NY
sex+age: M19
1st show: oosta 97
most memorable shows: Providence 99, Camden 2000
favorite venue: Worcester Centrum
favorite motel/campground: Wherever I can lay my head...
furthest show: 337.7 (Thanks Mapquest!)
favorite roadside restaurant: TGI Fridays
favorite tune right now: Piper
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? No
occupation/preoccuption: Student
pastimes: Writing, Beatnik Lit, Shakespeare, Being on/near the water
other favorite bands: Dead, Phil and Friends, Flecktones, Allmans, Big Wu, Hornsby
favorite cartoon: The Simpsons
favorite websites: www.gadiel.com/phish, www.jambands.com
favorite something: Photography, Wandering, Being a Bookworm
favorite simpson's character: Lisa
more: I'd love to chat with other gay heads, both around NYC and across the country. I'm also in Boston from time to time, and, when the shows call, on tour. Looking forward to hearing from you all...