name: Jeff
email: jeffroaddog@yahoo.com
hometown: West Chester, PA
sex+age: M38
1st show: 23 East Caberet 2/10/90
most memorable shows: Red Rocks 96
favorite venue: Red Rocks
favorite motel/campground: Clam Beach County Beach - Arcata, CAŹ/ Chief Hosa, CO
furthest show: Ventura, CA
favorite roadside restaurant: who has time to stop when burning miles but when time is not important I found the local brewpubs usually have great food, beer and company
favorite tune right now: David Bowie, just the the thought of getting lost dancing to this classic gives me a burst of great energy
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? No
occupation/preoccuption: blue-collar hell
pastimes: mountain biking, live music, beer quality testing
other favorite bands: moe, Dead, MMW, Galactic, SKB, Les Claypool
favorite cartoon: South Park, Simpsons
favorite simpson's character: Homer