name: Hugh
email: dsky2001@adelphia.net
hometown: Waterbury, CT
sex+age: M22
1st show: Clifford Ball
most memorable shows: hmm tough one, I'd have to say Cypress was pretty memorable
favorite venue: Shoreline
favorite motel/campground: Motel 6 all the way or campings gr8 too
furthest show: Lived on both sides of the country, I'd have to say Shoreline
favorite roadside restaurant: Chain restraunt? I guess I'll go w/ Arby's
favorite tune right now: Antelope
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Customer Service
pastimes: Goodtimes w/ good people! and baseball hehe
other favorite bands: Phish obviously :-) MMW, SCI, Floyd, Beatled, GD, etc, etc
favorite cartoon: Simpsons / Aqua Teen Hungerforce
favorite websites: www.suprnova.org
favorite something: guys who are phish phans :-)
favorite simpson's character: Homer :-)
more: Hey, great site, props to the boyz who made it. Anyways I'd love to meet other phans out there from the Connecticut area. Message me on AIM at: DividedSky2001 or e-mail me at: dsky2001@adelphia.net