name: g.
email: wendy_windowsill@yahoo.com
hometown: Raleigh, NC
sex+age: F27
1st show: 10/26/96
most memorable shows: 10/26/96, 6/30/00, 12/18/99, 9/30/00
favorite venue: Hampton
furthest show: Vegas
favorite roadside restaurant: Bojangle's
favorite tune right now: Any Cavern with horns :)
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Looking for a new one...
pastimes: Live music, travel, good wine and good beer, shopping, partying...
other favorite bands: Phish, Hornsby, KDTU, Ani, Galactic, David Byrne... many, many others...
favorite cartoon: Don't watch TV... Powerpuff Girls?
favorite websites: Furthurnet
favorite something: Ketchup is my favorite food.
favorite simpson's character: Don't watch TV... Maggie maybe?
more: I'd love to meet some other girlies locally. Most of my show friends are guys, and I do love them truly, but it'd be fun to have some girls with similar interests to hang out with. :)