name: Christine
email: shoxmybrain@aol.com
hometown: Red Bank, NJ
sex+age: F19
1st show: 7.15.99
most memorable shows: oswego, 6.29.00 (japanese meatstick!!!), nye '03, and the hamptons
favorite venue: hampton, thomas and mack, & woostah (except for the lame security)
favorite motel/campground: oswego
furthest show: nj -> ca ...soon to be the gorge this summer!
favorite roadside restaurant: waffffffffle house!
favorite tune right now: pyite, yem, divided sky, meatstick, icculus, fluffhead.......
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: server at a thai resturant (yum)
pastimes: traveling, camping, drinkin coffee, chainsmoking, oh and shows are cool i guess
other favorite bands: phish, moe, disco biscuits, new deal, keller, sci, dead, sublime, ani.....
favorite cartoon: simpsons, aqua teen, sealab 2021, spongebob...
favorite websites: jambase, phantasy tour, strangedesign.org
favorite something: ganja food, glitter, and dancin like a fool
favorite simpson's character: oh man... homer, otto, apu, and sideshow bob
more: just lookin to meet some good people... cuz we're all in this together, and we'd love to take a bath =)