name: Bobo
email: gmbobo@hotmail.com
hometown: Sacramento, CA
sex+age: M36
1st show: Arco Area '96
most memorable shows: Shoreline '00
favorite venue: Mt. Shasta (SCI '02)
furthest show: Deer Creek
favorite roadside restaurant: ma & pa cafe's
favorite tune right now: run like an antelope
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: teacher
pastimes: hangin' w/ friends, yoga, herbs, politics
other favorite bands: Greatful Dead, Deadbeats, Mother Hips, W P, SCI, Galatic, Dead Can Dance, & yes I'm man enough to say Barbara, Bette, and Judy
favorite cartoon: Simpsons
favorite websites: dead.net, moveon.org
favorite simpson's character: Marge - just dig her!
more: Surprised something like this is out there. I'm heading to Deer Creek and then traveling from Sac to Portland to the Gorge w/ the Dead. Wouldn't mind meeting some other fans to hang w/. Hope y'all dig the shows and enjoy life!