name: Bob
email: bobhamilton64@aol.com
hometown: Philadelphia, PA
sex+age: M37
1st show: Haverford College 2/89
most memorable shows: Big Cypress
favorite venue: MSG
favorite motel/campground: under a tree by a stream
furthest show: Big Cypress
favorite roadside restaurant: I bring my own nuts and berries with me
favorite tune right now: Mango Song (it's a silly song, but I dig it)
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? Yes
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Insurance (not a salesman)
pastimes: Music, running, reading
other favorite bands: Phish, GD, DMB, the Disco Biscuits, moe., Brothers Past, Clapton, Allman Brothers and several local Philadelphia bands
favorite cartoon: Family Guy, Simpsons
favorite websites: I'm not that much of a geek!
favorite something: When both the big hand and the little hand are on the four
favorite simpson's character: Satan's Little Helper
more: I'm more of a Phishhead who happens to be gay than a gay Phishhead.