name: A
email: goudaforever@yahoo.com
hometown: Northern, NJ
sex+age: M33
1st show: Was when the boys were on the Horde tour. Saw them in NJ and they just floored me. Been on board ever since.
most memorable shows: The NYE's eve show when they first came down in that hotdog.Wow. That vision will never leave my mind. What a powerful night.
favorite venue: Alpine Valley. Just such an awesome venue and the last time they were there they absolutely cooked the place.
furthest show: Driving I would say Maine. Flying would be California.
favorite tune right now: Sleeping Monkey
trade tapes? Yes
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? No
pastimes: To try to enjoy life and what this earth has to offer. Laughter and good friends are great combination. Travelling.
other favorite bands: So many to name. Anyband that can put you in the fantastic groove and you just gotta move and get down. Like the Dead, Cheese, Panic, Mule, and any band that can play some mean bluegrass and also bands that can funk it down.
favorite cartoon: New revised Justice League
favorite something: Love to cook up a storm when I can. I am not a gourmet chef but can handle my own in the kitchen.
favorite simpson's character: D'oh Homer
more: What a great site to have.