name: Gary
email: gcomley@maine.rr.com
hometown: Portland, ME
sex+age: M25
1st show: 03/21/92, Philadelphia
most memorable shows: 03/21/92, 07/16/93, 10/31/94, 12/11/95, 12/31/95, 12/06/96, 08/13/97, 08/15/98, 12/29/98, 12/08/99, 12/31/99
favorite venue: Loring Air Force Base
favorite motel/campground: I enjoyed my detour into Baxter State Park in Maine during the '97 and '98 summer tours.
furthest show: Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA ('96 Fall Tour)
favorite roadside restaurant: LaVerne's Diner, Pittsburgh, PA (featured in the film "Dogma")
favorite tune right now: Reba (always has been)
trade tapes? No
know other gay phans? No
out to friends at shows? Yes
occupation/preoccuption: Video Software Processing Engineer
pastimes: Climbing, Hiking, Bike Touring, Challenging Music, Speculative Fiction (Reading AND Writing), Videography, Spending Time With Friends, My Macintosh, Sex, and PHISH TOUR!!
other favorite bands: Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Pixies, Tom Waits, Sun Ra, Curtis Mayfield, and Sting
favorite cartoon: The Simpsons, Batman/Superman Adventures (I lean towards Superman), Dexter's Laboratory, and Hey Arnold!
favorite websites: www.llbean.com/parksearch, www.theonion.com, www.jackinworld.com
favorite something: Favorite fantasy: my boyfriend and I snuggling peacefully under the stars in Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, ME (possibly the most beautiful place on Earth)
favorite simpson's character: Lisa (believe it or not--I've always been able to relate to her)
more: Please tell me I'm not alone here in Maine!!! Also, if anyone knows what the HELL happened to Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy flavor ice-cream, please let me know!